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Video Poker Odds

Video poker odds are very much the same as regular poker odds, in the sense that winning combinations only happen so often. Video poker also has multiple different versions and styles that the player can choose from. Every game has a different strategy. Playing Jacks or Better has a different strategy from playing a Deuces Wild game.

One thing that will increase your video poker odds is to check the payout schedule of the machine. The payout schedule is located on all machines and you can see from the chart what the particular numbers mean. People always say if you can find a 9/6 Jacks or Better you are starting out in the right place. From the chart you see that it pays out 99.5 % of the time.

Machine type Payout
10/7 (double bonus) 100.2%
9/7 100.7%
9/6 99.5%
8/5 97.3%
7/5 96.3%
6/5 95.2%

Also from the chart you can see that there are a couple of machines out there that will payout more than 100%. Don’t get too excited here. Although it has a great payout that doesn’t mean everyone will sit down and win all of there money and then some. Casinos know they offer machines like this and bank on people that don’t have a good strategy to play these machines.

Other than the actual payout schedule you might be interested in knowing the odds of getting a particular hand. How often you might get a Royal Flush or a Straight. Bellow is a chart detailing the odds on a 9/6 Jacks or Better machine.

Hand Payout Frequency
Royal Flush 4,000 1 in 40,390
Straight Flush 250 1 in 9,148
Four of a Kind 125 1 in 423
Full House 45 1 in 86
Flush 30 1 in 90
Straight 20 1 in 89
Three of a Kind 15 1 in 13
Two pair 10 1 in 7
Jacks or Better 5 1 in 4

From looking at the chart you might have noticed that the payout for a full house is larger than a flush or a straight. This goes against the norm and has no real reason other than giving the player better odds and chances to win. You won’t find this anywhere, so be choosy, it might be your success to win.

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